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Same Day Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization and PCI

The diagnostic cardiac catheterization may be performed at any time prior to the PCI, including the same day as the PCI. Performance of a diagnostic cardiac catheterization and interventional procedure on the same day is increasingly the standard of practice.

  If the diagnostic catheterization is done within 30 days of the PCI, it is usually not necessary to repeat the catheterization unless there is a documented change in the patient’s condition. While there may be reasons for delaying the interventional procedure (e.g., transfer from a community hospital to a tertiary center, excessive dye load, further treatment planning or evaluation of angiography, etc.), it is recommended that both procedures be performed during the same encounter when medically appropriate, with detailed discussion of benefits and risks of PCI.

Separation of these procedures for the purpose of circumventing the multiple surgery pricing, or for the convenience of physician or hospital scheduling, is considered an inappropriate practice and may subject the services to review and denial for medical necessity. The decision to stage these procedures is deferred to the judgment of the interventional cardiologist, and individualized only to the clinical needs of the patient. (e.g., dye load already received; need to correlate findings with other test results, etc.).

Reasons for delaying an indicated percutaneous coronary intervention should be documented in the medical record. Unless there is a new clinical event, a change in symptomatology, abnormal examination or other test results, a repeat diagnostic catheterization within three months of the last diagnostic catheterization and prior to the percutaneous coronary intervention is generally not reimbursable and is considered not reasonable and necessary.