Awareness : OBC Tips

Teaching Physician Attestations

To bill for services in which a resident/fellow participates, the Teaching Physician must be physically present and personally document that he/she was present during the key or critical portions of the service when performed by the resident/fellow:
and the participation of the Teaching Physician in the management of the patient.  Documentation of the resident/fellow of the Teaching Physician’s presence is insufficient to bill the services by the Teaching Physician.  The Teaching Physician must personally
document his/her Attestation in the first person.  The following Attestations are UNACCEPTABLE to establish presence and/or participation in the management of patient:

  • “Patient seen and examined with team on rounds and agree with plan” and a signature
  • Seen and examined and agree with resident’s note and a signature
  • Agree with above, and a signature
  • A co-signature, alone
  • Reviewed and discussed with resident and agree with plan as written, and a signature
  • As documented by resident, I agree with the history, exam and assessment/plan, and a signature