Awareness : OBC Tips

Updates to Post-Procedural Admission Orders: Effective Monday, April 16

Attn: Surgeons, Proceduralists (Gastrointestinal (GI)), Cardiology, Pulmonary, Interventional Radiology (IR) and Nurses

Effective Monday, April 16, post-procedure admission order types will include the following four options for all UHealth locations:

  1. Admit as Inpatient
  2. Extended Recovery
  • Patients do not meet observation/admission criteria, but need monitoring beyond normal recovery period. They are still in recovery status, but may be monitored anywhere within the hospital.
  1. Admit as Observation
  • Patients meet InterQual observation criteria (eg. unexpected event during recovery period such as uncontrollable pain)
  1. Non Medical Stay (Bedded Outpatient)
  • Patients no longer require medical treatment and meet discharge criteria.  They remain in an outpatient bed pending resolution of logistical issues (eg. transportation) at which time final discharge process (including medication reconciliation) will be completed.

Note: These orders have updated instructions to assist in selecting the appropriate admission type and are composed of two parts:

  1. Bed request (immediately active)
  2. Class and accommodation order (signed and HELD, will be released by nurse in the appropriate treatment location)

For additional information regarding observation, inpatient or recovery criteria, please reach out to your facility case manager or utilization review.